Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Studio A Salon is a full service salon but we specialize in  hair extensions.  Are they right for you?  Ask yourself a few simple questions…

  • Is your hair thin and lacking volume?
  • Does your hair grow extremely slow or maybe not at all?
  • Is your hair damaged due to over processing or constant use of hot appliances and chemicals?
  • Are you looking to completely change your look?

Transform your short hair into long healthy, flowing and voluptuous hair. Achieve maximum volume and body for fine or thin hair. Disguise overworked damaged hair or even a poor hair cut. Add highlights and low-lights without chemically treating your hair. Incorporate funk, pizzazz and individuality with our unique array of crystals, pearls, beads, Apache feathers, or crazy color strands. We can help you create an new look that promotes a positive and confident improved you.


  • 100% human hair
  • Many lengths and colors to choose from
  • Highest quality of European type hair used


  • 100% human hair
  • 81 colors to choose from
  • Straight, wavy and curly forms

Great Lengths

  • 100% human hair
  • Special lengths up to 80cm
  • Multiple colors, including two toned strands

Volume and Hair Thickening

More and more women suffer from the fact that they are losing their hair.  Whether the hair breaks, gets thinner and thinner, or even falls out, leading to bald spots.  In any case, this is a serious problem for affected women.  They feel vulnerable, unattractive and weak.  Volume+ hair thickening and lengthening by HairDreams is the ideal method to restore the natural fullness and volume that thin, fine hair has lost.

Hairdreams Volume+ Microlines

The clients existing hair is gently supplemented and replenished with high–grade, hand selected 100% human hair.  This hair matches the clients own  hair in color, length, and texture, resulting in the most natural look.

The integration process is completely gentle and non-damaging.  Wearing it feels just like ones own hair, without any notable lifestyle limitations.  The additional volume looks completely natural and can’t be distinguished from the client’s own hair.

Clip In Hair Extensions

These are a great alternative for the client that wants a temporary solution to thicken or lengthen their hair.

Design Lengths clip-in extensions are secured to your hair by a series of snap clips. The snap clips are attached to the 100% human hair pieces, thus creating a quick and easy way to add beautiful length and volume to your own hair.

We carefully match your hair color and trim to your desired style, creating a look for you instantly.

The care of your new clip-in hair extensions is very simple and easy:

  • Fusion: 3-5 months
  • Extensive: 6-8 weeks
  • Clip: temporary

Fantasy Colors available in all forms